Food Illustration

After drawing a veggie burger for national burger day, I decided to start building up my portfolio of food art! Being a vegan, I also thought I'd use this as an opportunity to show some of my favourite vegan treats and recipes! 

I think I a lot of non-vegans assume that vegans only eat salad and 'rabbit' food. Changing my diet from vegetarian to vegan actually made my diet a lot more exciting and varied. As a veggie I often went for the quick easy/boring meals....Pasta and cheese, margarita pizza, omelette on toast, cheese sandwiches for lunch....almost every day! I was pretty much a cheese addict and never thought I'd be able to give it up... but 3 years later and I never crave even crave it! My diet is now definitely more healthy dropping the cheesy dinners...and my meals are certainly more exciting to draw! 

Asian food is my favourite cuisine and great for vegans as it typically doesn't contain any diary products and its easy to swap out egg for tofu and eat rice/wheat noodles instead of egg noodles.  I hope you enjoy my food illustrations!