There is a lot in the press at the moment about recycling, avoiding single use plastics and saving the oceans....which is amazing. The amount of plastic and waste polluting our planet is shocking. Lately I have been gradually trying to buy longer lasting reusable products. At the moment my top three items are:

  1. my metal safety razor & blades. Which means no more expensive, wasteful plastic razor handles & blades!

  2. my mooncup. Which means I'll never have to buy any sanitary products ever again, its easier & safer (reduced TSS risk) to use, more hygienic & soooo much better for the planet! 

  3. my reusable make up remover pads! Which means no more plastic bags of cotton pads going into the bin... & I'll save money by reusing them! 

However, as much as recycling and avoiding single use plastics etc is good for the number 1 planet saver will always be GOING VEGAN! This article sums it up pretty well - Link  #govegan #veganartist