Roald Dahl Day 2017

Today is Roald Dahl day and I am excited to list two new prints on my Etsy shop!


The first is the BFG's Snozzcumber I drew last year to celebrate what would have been Roald Dahl's 100th birthday.

The second is a new print inspired by my favourite Roald Dahl story, James and the Giant Peach! Which perfectly combines my love of drawing food and insects! You might recognise a few of the insects I have adapted from my insect alphabet! 

Click here to view : James & the Giant Peach  and the BFG's Snozzcumber

Food Illustration

After drawing a veggie burger for national burger day, I decided to start building up my portfolio of food art! Being a vegan, I also thought I'd use this as an opportunity to show some of my favourite vegan treats and recipes! 

I think I a lot of non-vegans assume that vegans only eat salad and 'rabbit' food. Changing my diet from vegetarian to vegan actually made my diet a lot more exciting and varied. As a veggie I often went for the quick easy/boring meals....Pasta and cheese, margarita pizza, omelette on toast, cheese sandwiches for lunch....almost every day! I was pretty much a cheese addict and never thought I'd be able to give it up... but 3 years later and I never crave even crave it! My diet is now definitely more healthy dropping the cheesy dinners...and my meals are certainly more exciting to draw! 

Asian food is my favourite cuisine and great for vegans as it typically doesn't contain any diary products and its easy to swap out egg for tofu and eat rice/wheat noodles instead of egg noodles.  I hope you enjoy my food illustrations! 

My First Craft Fair...

Last weekend I sold my artwork and stationary at the Artisan's at St George's Hall fair. It was my first time selling things in real life (other than etsy!) 

I had been putting off selling things in person, probably because I was nervous about all the things I needed to do to prepare; designing/ordering stock, making stands/shelves, and mainly worrying about whether anyone will actually buy anything! 

Banner design

Banner design

After reading lots of blogs and trawling through pinterest I decided on a what products to sell and how to design / build elements of my stall. My woodwork skills from uni finally became useful! So a bought a few sheets of OSB and went to B&Q with the boyf for some dowel, brackets and screws. 

Although the fair wasn't the busiest I've been to, it was great to sell some bits. It was also good to experience start selling in person, meeting customers, getting feedback and the most valuable part of the weekend was meeting other sellers. I met some really great people, who gave me lots of tips and knowledge about the do's and don'ts of selling at markets. Overall I was happy with how my stall looked and now I will be prepared to apply for more in the future! 

My bestie's wedding!

Had the best weekend celebrating the wedding of Imogen and Gareth! They had thought of every last detail in making their wedding the perfect day! A lot of this was down to Imogen's architectural eye for design and a massive group effort from their amazing family and friends!

Trinity Buoy Wharf

My contribution as well as a few bridesmaids duties were to help out making and designing some of the wedding signs. Both the order of the day and the table plans. The beautiful weather and tasty lunches at the Lee's house definitely made wedding tasks easy! Here are some photos my signs along with a custom wedding card of their wedding venue - Trinity Buoy Wharf (above).

Website Illustrations!

I have just finished working on a cool project for an American company called Outboundworks. The brief for the project was to design and illustrate artwork to represent the company and their processes. 

'Humans and technology working hand in hand to deliver customers to you'

It took a lot of doodling, a rough sketch up model and great feedback from the client to get to the final images and I'm really pleased with the end result. You can view the work on the website . I particularly enjoyed designing the roll overs on the main factory image (below) which animate each character. 

Etsy Shop Open!

Finally finished setting up my Etsy shop!


Click here to view my IllustrationsByApril Shop

I'll be selling a mix of 'ready to post' prints and products along with some 'made to order' custom illustrations. 

  • Illustrated places (so far of lovely Liverpool and Avebury),

  • Illustrated veggie / animal notebooks

  • Animal postcards

  • Veggie / Under the sea stickers

  • Custom House / building illustrations

  • Custom Wedding venue illustrations

  • Pet portraits

Hope you enjoy perusing my online shelves!